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Friday, June 01, 2007


EncycloCentral is a new website similar to Wikipedia which provides articles on various subjects written by experts in the field.

EncycloCentral is divided into categories like family, Food & Drinks, Parenting, Relationships, and Travel & Leisure among many. These are just the few that immediately caught my eye.

There were also several articles that made me pause and read further. One was an interesting article about Duncan Hines, the father of the Duncan Hines line of food products (because I'm hungry right now) and the other is about how Teens Can Make Money (because I just called the summer class that Jade is interested in about Finance and Teens and it was sadly cancelled).

I was a bit curious who exactly writes the articles, if they are paid bloggers or just interested readers like in Wikipedia, but either way I think you'll soon be seeing results from this site on your search results.

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