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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Get Organized with Label Writers

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Have you ever crawled under your desk trying to figure out which cable goes with which gadget and wishing your arms are longer as you follow the cable from the computer to the power outlet and back? I have, and it's really hard especially when you're doing it in a short skirt and high heels as I have done numerous times at the office. presents some solutions to this dilemma and other organization projects you may have. You all have heard me moan and groan about my efforts at organization at work and home before. It's not that I'm messy or disorganized, I just have too much darn stuff to deal with!! I like to label everything as, I've found out, having everything in their own space and having it labeled is the only way to keep track of everything. And that includes those pesky wires that seem to snake all together and everywhere under your desk. I've found that tying them together with cable ties and labeling each what peripheral each wire belongs to, saves a lot of crawling around time.

While labelling is a great way to get organized, sometimes using labels on a sheet that you have to print from a word processing software are not always convenient, especially when you only need one label at a time. I like using portable label makers because you generate one when you need it without having to start up an application on your computer first, finding the right label, and making sure all is aligned before printing it out. Plus, when you put a sheet of labels through a printer multiple times, the unused labels eventually take on a very unattractive grayish tint. I like these handheld, portable label makers for their convenience and portability. For instance, when you're in the storage room and realize you've forgotten to make an a label for a certain item, you don't have to walk all the way back to your desk to make a label. You can make one on the spot.

Here are a few label printers I found on the site that may suit your needs:

Brother P-touch 1650 Labelling System This is my favorite as it has all the features you could possibly need for keeping things organized. This printer uses the new Flexible ID tape and rotated print for cable wrapping and flagging, industrial strength laminated tapes for patch panel labeling, and standard laminated tapes for faceplate labeling. The handheld Brother P-Touch® label maker can create labels with graphics and bar codes up to 1" wide. And for those concerned with inventory management, which is what I have in mind for this model, it has features for sequential numbering and repeat printing.

Brother P-touch P80 Label Printer A step down model from the model above, this one is perfect for home or office use. It uses non laminated, multiple type styles and sizes.

Dymo is a brand I'm familiar with, I use their label printers all the time.
Dymo Label Buddy LM-12813Is a small, portable, affordable and easy to use for basic labelling needs. This label maker uses the embossed adhesive labels that most of us are familiar with, and the labels come pre-loaded and ready to use.

Dymo® RhinoPRO 1000 Like the others, this one has a vertical printing capability, perfect for everyday use.

The RhinoPRO 3000 is a little different from the other printers in that it allows for 2 lines of text which come in 5 text sizes and 3 print styles. It also comes with an optional Hard Case Kit

You can browse through other label printers or read up more on the specifications of the models I mentioned from the website. Another great feature off this website is user reviews are allowed. I like having recommendations or warnings from people who have actually used the product.

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