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Friday, June 22, 2007

One for the guys

I just could not pass up this opportunity when I saw the PPP opportunity for I know my gadget loving, organizing husband would love this site. They have just about everything from cabinets to benches and every storage tool you can imagine. My husband is on his annual reorganizing the garage phase again and when I saw a metal pegboard on the site, I just knew he would be literally 'hooked' if he ever saw it. We have the wooden peg boards already, which tend to degrade over time and dance with the weather. I have never seen the metal kind, this is a first so I will be sure to show him these ones.

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Yen said...

Hi! Thanks for the congrats and for dropping by:) Can we xlink? :)

JMom said...

hi yen! sure, I'll link you up :)

Francesca said...

ba, okey mga tips ni jmom dito. and hows your ppp, did you take an opp already? ako, di pa, pero i scout muna, bec Eli was one week suspended from PPP

anyway, bisous(kissed) from all of us in France!