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Monday, June 04, 2007

In Our House and beyond

Visit our BackyardI have to apologize I haven't been bloghopping lately. For you who keep visiting anyway, thank you. The girls are almost out of school now, and my interns are off in the field, so I should have more time to blog and visit other blogs soon. To my regular reads, I miss reading your blogs. I know I'll have lots to catch up on.

Visit our kitchen for the recipe
As the weather gets nicer, we are out in the garden more often and we are getting more inspired to cook.

Asi cooked up this georgeous looking dessert In Our Kitchen. It had so many steps that it's one of those recipes I would never have dared to attempt especially since it uses so many darn dishes! You know how I hate washing dishes. But, Asi said she would do all the work and she would just need very little little help. I said go for it so long as you clean after yourself. And she did! She did it all by herself from start to finish, and it was delicious too. It was a great after dinner treat.


exskindiver said...

first of all, i love white chocolate.
wait who am kidding i love any chocolate--.
that looked delicious.
i would not be able to make that even if my life depended on it.
first of all what does "beating an egg until it peaks" mean?
you see? therein lies the problem.

happy summer.
(my kids are on break already)

Joan said...

You are forgiven but I've written some awesome posts (just kidding) take care!

vernaloo said...

wow...that looks very posh...the likes they serve in expensive restos :)

I don't think I can make something like that hehe ibang level :)

JMom said...

hi exskindiver! You and asi share a love for anything chocolate :) This is their last week of school, so she will probably cooking up more chocolatey stuff. Stay tuned.

Hi joan! I bet you have :) I'll be by to visit soon.

Hi vern, she did a pretty good job. It's not as perfect as the picture in the cookbook, but what turns out exactly like the pictures anyway? I told her she did fantastic for her first try.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

wowowee...Asi did that? You must be so proud of her JMom! Di ko yata kayang gawin yun =(

Mari said...

That dessert looks real yummy...but problem with it is it stays on the hips and other parts of the anatomy. LOL Aaw, what the heck, once in a while is okay.

mama bok said...

I can fully understand.. what you are going thru'.. coz' i wanna blog hop alot too.. but other things takes up too much of my time.. *sigh*..! But like you .. you are always in my mind.. ;)

JMom said...

hi girlie! yeah, me too, hindi ko mapagtiagaan yan. Too many steps. Would you believe she made more of the white chocolate layer a couple of days after? Ubos na kasi yung berries eh, so she just made white. lol!

hi marie! oh, I know what you mean. They are lucky they have those young genes and high metabolism. I keep warning her though, that all these fatty things will eventually catch up to her hips. haha! (I know, I'm so good for their self esteem, aren't I?)

Hi mamaBok! yeah, if only we had more time in a day. Do you know, one time I visited every link in my blogroll and left comments, it took me 6 hours! Ya, that was a slow day here at work. lol!! shhhh!!!

chateau said...

I have a plant like that too. It's kuchay, right? I plan to make a mini-herb garden in one of my corners. I'm excited as I await my seeds from a friend in Germany. Let's see how good/bad I am really with plants LOL