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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shopping with Coupon Saves

As much as I love spending a day shopping (when I have money, that is) I find myself shopping online more and more often. For one, I can shop when the mood strikes me and when I have time, which usually means browsing late at night after everyone has been fed and tucked in bed. But as with my 'real life' shopping, I still can't pass up a good bagain when shopping online. Coupons come in handy as they give added discounts to your purchase. The Coupon Chief is one place where you can find discounts to some of your favorite online stores.

For Father's Day, here are some stores that may interest you:
Lobstergram - my husband would love this not just on Father's day
Dell - tell me any dad who wouldn't want something from this store
Home Depot - believe it or not, he actually finds relaxation in his 'projects'

So whatever your interests are, check out Coupon Chief before you shop. You just may end up saving a few more bucks to shop with.

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