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Monday, June 11, 2007

Weird Things

I was tagged by the CaT for this weird things meme. Sorry to have taken so long to do it, CaT. I have done the weird habits tag before but I don't think my answers were really that weird. That's the weird thing about trying to figure out weird stuff about yourself is that you had gotten so used to them that you don't really think them weird. Weird or not, here is a second attempt at my weirdness:

1. Nervous Laugh - I've always had this irritating habit. I'm trying to get rid of it, but it always rears it's giggling head every time I get nervous. I've gotten more than my share of weird looks when I append not so funny sentences with a nervous laugh.

2. Procrastinator - Not weird, but to some it may be. I always put things off at the last minute whether it be for business or pleasure, painful or not. Even at eating, I put off eating the best parts until last. It drives my family and friends crazy, but they already know to expect their birthday cards at least a week later.

3. Midnight Dessert - This may be a fall out from the procrastinating weirdness, but I almost never ever eat my dessert right after dinner especially when I'm at home. I put it off until everyone is off to bed then I pull out my dessert and enjoy it solo.

4. Dining Alone - continuing from eating dessert by myself, I also on occasion like to go out to dinner ALONE. I have no compunctions about dining out alone, and I don't even have to bring anything to read while eating.

5. Get Lost - I don't think this is weird, but the unfortunate soul who happens to be with me during my 'lost' times often does. I like getting lost either in my own hometown or someplace I've never been. I always see it as an adventure. Sometimes I purposely take a different route from my usual and end up getting lost, just to find an alternate route. I never get frustrated when I am lost. I just make sure I have at least a map in the car.

6. Maps - speaking of maps....the Atlas, not the bible, is my favorite book of all times. When I've run out of books to read, I turn to the old Atlas and can lose myself all afternoon poring through maps and looking at names of places I could not even dream of.

So do you have at least six weird thing about you? I tag the first six people to comment on this post. Come on, I dare you!


cathy said...

i posted yesterday but can't find my post. weird?

MrsPartyGirl said...

i have actually done this tag before. save for a few recent weird discoveries, i'll still stand by these. :)

btw, i also laugh when i'm nervous. in law school, i (inadvertently) annoyed my professors a lot because i would (nervously) giggle when i'm called on for recitations, hehe. i quit law school because i knew i couldn't risk annoying a judge in a courtroom someday.

as for dining out alone, i'm the opposite. maybe because of my #2 weird habit. :)

JMom said...

that is weird, cat..... :)

hi mrspartygirl, that laugh is so annoying... I try really have to prevent it, but it keeps popping up at the most inconvenient times!