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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer Programs

As the girls grow older, what to do during summer vacations becomes a little bit more complicated. If they had their way, they will spend the whole summer sleeping in late, playing with their friends, and just plain doing nothing. We as parents though feel guilty when we see them lollinga around doing nothing. We get the feeling that they may somehow rot if left out by themselves too long. So we look for things to occupy them, and save our sanity, during summer break.

This is where a good Summer Program can come in handy. It keeps them occupied and at the same time frees us parents from feeling guilty that their brains will somehow atrophy from inactivity. My girls are going to grandma's house again this summer, so we're looking for things to enrich their experience but at the same time keep their brains working. Score Learning Centers are located in various locations across the country, but unfortunately they are not yet in North Carolina. I have heard good things about this program especially when Asi needed some tutoring help sometime ago. I'm looking at them again, at their CA centers this year for some enhancement classes. I'm sure the girls will be thrilled I found this place.

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Mec said...

honga, parents nowadays are bent on keeping their kids occupied... :D but kids today are really lucky to have all these opportunities to discover their strengths and realize their potentials and just really BECOME :)

JMom said...

Hi mec, oo nga eh. When we were kids we were dumped at grandmas house and just ran around the farm. :)