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Thursday, June 28, 2007

To flee or not to flea

Summer is a wonderful time of year for us. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the garden, we entertain more, we go out more, but we also have to deal with more bugs. We have the usual pests that eat up the garden, but we also have pests that eat us up like mosquitoes and dog fleas.

So it's an ongoing battle in our backyard to keep the pest problems to a minimum, but it's a problem we do not mind dealing with for the sake of being outdoors. My husband for some reason is more susceptible to fleas than I am. He breaks out and gets down right uncomfortable when he gets bit. The Flea Control Guide offers various ways to control fleas, both natural and with chemicals. It also offers other useful information like how to tell the difference between flea bites and chigger bites, and child-safe ways to eradicate them. If you're getting bugged, like my husband, this may be something you'd be interested in.

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amandasblognews44 said...

Mitigator Rules!
I can recommend a new “scrub” product called “Mitigator Sting & Bite Treatment”; to say that it is terrific is an understatement! It actually removes venom by exfoliating the top layer of skin, opening the pores and drawing out the toxins. I had instant relief from pain and itching and all traces of the sting disappeared within minutes. I found it on the web at I got a great deal on a bundled package called the Mitigator “Itch Kit”, it contains enough products for the whole year – over $50.00 of retail product for under $20.00 (enough for over 300 stings or bites) and it comes in a great looking pouch. The only thing that can create a problem is if you wait too long to apply it, it should be rubbed in vigorously within the first few minutes after the bite or sting – the longer you wait, the less effective it is. I’ve used it on bees, wasps, fire ants (no blisters even appeared), mosquitoes and chiggers. They say it works on jellyfish but I’m a long way from the ocean so I haven’t needed it for that problem. No smelly chemicals, works great and is even safe for kids (the scrubbing replaces scratching so – no secondary infections). I should make a commercial for them!