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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Harry Potter Exposed

My daughters and I are huge Harry Potter fans. They read all the books, seen all the movies and have even had their share of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. Yep, even the booger, vomit and earwax flavored ones all for the love of Harry Potter. You know it, they will be in line, in a few weeks, for the movie and for the final book.

For the past weeks since they got out of school, they have been re-reading all the past volumes. My youngest, The Clone, is now on the fourth book and fully intends to finish all the volumes before the next one comes out in three weeks. I'm really proud of her because she has seen all the movies so she knows the plot of each one, but she just decided to take this one for herself.

Then I received a forwarded email that claims a hack has inside information on the plot of the final Harry Potter book. The article is here.

It is sad how some people just have nothing better to do than spoil other people's fun. This Gabriel person says he released the spoilers "So we make this spoiler to make reading of the upcoming book useless and boring."

Maybe the guy should read more to expand his narrow mind. I thought about posting the spoilers here, but my girls read this blog. So I won't spoil their fun. But you know what, I bet even if they did know the plot ahead of time they will still read the final book. Because they have learned early on that it is not the ending of the book that is important, it is the journey they take to get there that is their reward. Obviously this Gabriel person has not learned that.


MrsPartyGirl said...

i am also re-reading Harry and the HBP. excited na rin ako. :)

your clone is so cute, i hope ninna would grow up to love books like her, too. :)

and... i don't get it why people like "Gabriel" would want to spoil the fun for others. siguro mababa ang EQ kaya nandadamay. hmp!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

we are all excited too, yes! malapit na!

Ish was not really bothered about it, she had a ready answer to her dad when he mentioned it to him ^_^

Gina said...

Another Harry Potter Fan here. Can hardly wait for the book and the next movie. Right on- it's not the ending of the book that's important, it is the journey itself. And with JK Rowling's power and talent to transport the readers, it sure will be one heck of a fun ride!

Mari said...

There's always a loser out there who'd want to spoil people's fun. Best thing to do is ignore "him."

Leah said...

I only have 1 harry Potter book (the first one) and I have not even finished reading it yet past chapter 1. Although I've watched all the movies.
After reading all the reviews on the books, i think I will finish this book after all.

As for the spoilers, ahh, you're right just dont mind them. these are people who have no better things to do.

Manang said...

our family (husband, I, and kids) are all HP fans as well! Eagerly waiting for the movie and the book! My oldest son has finished the Order of the Phoenix book, and asked me for the Bloody Prince! It is his first year to actually get interested in reading the books. Maybe he will try reading the prior books when he finishes the BP.