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Friday, June 15, 2007

Turnip Roots

Who'da thought you can fry turnips! I didn't know this either until I started looking for turnip recipes and found reference to it in a Southern cookbook. All you have to do is pan fry it similar to what can be done to potatoes. If like us, you have been blessed with fresh, straight out of the ground turnip roots from your own garden or from others', then I suggest cooking them this way. They were delicious! Click here for the recipe.


vernaloo said...

so that's how turnips look like...honestly this is my first time to see one hehe I checked the finish product...they look yummy :)

exskindiver said...

get ready for your interview!!!!
will post the questions here tomorrow.

exskindiver said...

I had great fun skindiving into you archives...
I feel like we could be friends indeed.
here are your questions:

1. You have described yourself as a pleaser and yet you've managed to skip all your school reunions. Why?

2. Friendship is something that is worked on. Yet You and Ton don't seem to need to "work" on your friendship. What is the secret to a lasting friendship?

3. What is it about the movie
"Ever After" that makes you cry? Are there any parallels or secret fears of a parallel in your life that make this movie affect you? share.

4. You describe yourself as Loving,QUIET, and flexible. How can you reconcile the description of QUIET with the fact that you've been able to ask a complete stranger out (at one point in your life) or that at a restaurant, you've managed to sit at a stranger's table and have a meal with them? (i find this extrememly funny btw. reminds me of a seinfeld episode)

5. What would be in your "secret pot"? What would be in your sister O's? how about your mom's?
And if it is possible to answer this in this forum, what sister are you closest to and why?

hope you enjoy answering this interview.
take care!

JMom said...

hi vern, really? you've never seen turnip before? hehe! parang mild radish and lasa pero pag luto na nagiging even milder. It really was yummy, i was in the garden looking for more this morning.

Hi chesca!! naku ha, thanks for going through my archives. I love the questions you came up with! Now you're really going to make me think :) Thanks so much, I can tell you took the time to come up with them rather than just the usual 'what's your favorite...' questions, which is probably what I would have come up with. lol! OK, I'm off to answer my interview :)