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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cultivate your budding artists

I live in a house full of artists. I suppose that is to be expected. My girls grew up surrounded by artist's tools so it is without any wonder that they would pick up the hint and start drawing. My friends have always been amused for while their kids whine about buying the latest toy craze, mine always begged to buy art supplies!

Just this morning, we went out to run errands, and we ended up stopping at the art store for some sketch pads and other doo dads to go with it. So you see how it goes at my house.

So it is little wonder that, since I have started doing PPP, I have been waiting for this opportunity to talk about these Free Coloring Pages to become available to me. Why do I love this site? Not only that is art related, the artwork is geared for girls! My girls loved this site since I showed it to them over a week ago. They have ready made artwork that you can color in and print out.

You are not limited to the artwork posted on the site to be colored either. You can make your own pen and ink drawing and upload it on the site for your friends to color. Asi loved this. She is constantly drawing and her favorite to draw are anime characters. She says she will post one of her drawings on the site.

If you have your own budding artists, be they girls or boys, I think they will find something they will like on this site. Heck, you may even like to color some pages yourself! It's a very relaxing exercise :)

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Omom said...

Oh cool...BTW, there will be an anime show at the Long Beach Convention center when the weekend that the girls arrive, I'll try and get tickets for it as am sure the girls would love that.

JMom said...

omg, they will love that! Asi is still bemoaning the fact that we didn't let her go when the convention was here in Durham.