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Monday, June 11, 2007

Wanna get it?

This is a sponsored post.

Do you like sweepstakes? Here's a new take on the old game. On you get to vote on who you would like to win the prize!

How does it work? You can win a variety of prizes by signing up to be a member. It is free to join, and they swear they will not sell your email or start bombarding you with spam mail. Once you're a member, you can enter to win any of the number of prizes available. The way you win your prize is, for each prize that you enter, there will be a random drawing of seven entrants who will go on to the semi-final round. These seven entrants will then write a 100 word statement on why they should win the prize, and other members will get to vote on who is most deserving. Sound fun? Why don't you go check them out.

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