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Monday, June 18, 2007

What if you got burned?

If you got burned, what would you do? No, calling 911 is not an option. Being burned in this case is having everything you know and are comfortable with taken away from you. It is being dumped in nowhere land with no resources. Would you have the wits to survive?

I don't know that I would, personally, but I'm sure I will die trying. The good thing about me, I'm finding out, is that I know someone or know of someone in almost every major city in the world. I could probably knock on their doors and rely on their good graces. Another good thing about me is, I am not really picky about what I eat. I will try almost anything once and will eat just about everything to have something in my stomach. I hate being hungry! I can't function when I'm hungry! So I don't know how well a job I would do, but I sure would be giving it a try.

That is almost the premise for the new show, USA Network's Burn Notice. Reading the promo for this almost reminded me of the Bourne Conspiracy. In the show Burn Notice, Burn Notice is how spies get fired. They get burned. That is, all their contacts are deleted, they are now denied access to the network they had, and in essence they are left to fend for themselves. The show's website defines a Burn Notice as:
BURN NOTICE (bûrn nō'tĭs) n.
1. An official statement by one intelligence agency to other agencies, domestic or foreign, that an individual or group is unreliable.

If that does not describe a termination notice, I don't know what does. The show seems interesting and seems worthy of checking out. If you are interested in this genre, note on your calendar that the pilot show is set to air on the USA Network on Thursday, June 28th, 10/9 central.

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exskindiver said...

truly amazing what networks come up up.
what will they think of next?