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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fantasy what?

I am such a klutz, I have never been into sports. That is, until I started working at my present job. The field I work in is in the sports/recreation industry, and most of the people that work here are sport nuts. Who would have thought of linking the words football and fantasy together? It just doesn't seem to gel, but in this world of the fantasy football league, apparently it does. If you're not familiar with fantasy football either like me, it's a venue where sports fans can create their own football teams and compete with other teams that are made up by other enthusiasts. While the teams are made up, the player's scores are based on the real time performance of the real players. So you really have to be into the game and aware of the statistics of the players to play fantasy football. This fantasy football league site is the place to showcase your skill and win huge prizes. Several people here at work go crazy over fantasy football and even more so when their teams won. You'd think they actually won the super bowl!

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