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Monday, July 30, 2007

Furniture Store

I would say our dining style has always been on the casual side rather than fancy. Even though we like to entertain and host and occasional dinner at home, everyone almost always ends up congregating in the kitchen before, during, and after the meal. I enjoy it when guests help me in the kitchen or just sit around and keep me company, so we've always had a kitchen dining table rather than a formal dining room.

During the week, the dining table also doubles as homework table where the girls sit and have their snack, work on their homework and just sit around and catch up with each other on the day's events. So it is little wonder that our present table is now in need of a replacement. That means a trip to the furniture store. Isn't it great though when you can do your browsing at home, before you even step out the door? I love that most stores now have online versions.

One such store is They are located in Houston, TX but can deliver nationwide. If you live within 100 miles of Houston Furniture, they can even deliver on the same day that you place your order online!

Their store is a furniture wonderland! They have a huge inventory of quality furniture at affordable prices. It was interesting to find out that they have a supervised play area for children so that parents can shop and take their time; and they have an on site cafeteria too, just in case all that shopping made you tired and hungry, you can recharge right there. One final tip, if you've got a thing for Elvis, then you definitely have to go to their store!

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