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Monday, August 27, 2007

If you plant a little something...

Gardening can be addicting as you can see In Our Backyard. You start out by planting a few things, and it makes you happy and satisfied. Then you think to yourself, I should plant something on the other side of the yard to, just to even things out. So you plant and you sit some more admiring your work. The next thing you know you are adding a water feature because the sound of rippling water would complete the serene ambiance you've started going for in your garden's design. Then you listen to the soothing sound of running water and you realize the whole garden just does not look "natural" without rocks. Preferably the craggy, natural looking types to make the look of your garden more authentic. Like you've suddenly been transported in the middle of some secret garden in the middle of the forest.

The problem is, you find out it's not as easy to bring these beautiful rocks into your garden as the pots of plants or pond equipment. They weight a ton! And you'd either have to call in all the manual labor favors you've given out over the years or hire some heavy duty equipment to move in some rocks into your landscape. This is where the Artificial Rocks Factory comes in. A solution to your rock problems. They can provide your garden with artificial rocks and boulders without you having to strain a muscle. They make realistic looking rocks out of construction grade cast stone. They aren't going to fly away with the next wind storm, but they won't be breaking your back or your wallet either. The boulders look and feel like the real thing but they are hollow inside so they are not as difficult to move. They can be shipped anywhere by FedEx and can be at your doorstep within weeks. So if you're looking for another option than rolling the rocks around yourself, this may be the solution you're looking for!


Jdavies said...

I don't know if it works in other countries but some people earth alot from gardening. There's the bonsai enthusiasts clubs, the rock garden/landscaping guys, and some others who grow flower cutlings and seedlings from the comfort of their backyard.

In several towns in the Philippines, this is a cottage industry and they mostly market themselves in trade shows and clubs. Why not get something out of it?

Anonymous said...

Wow! These fake rocks are exactly what we've been looking for to complete our backyard landscape project...thanks for sharing!

Artificial Rocks Factory