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Monday, August 27, 2007

More on Holidays

I hate to start harping on the holidays already when the summer is really still in full swing. Some of the vegetables in the backyard are just starting to take off; and just last night while we were sitting out in the backyard we (husband and I) were hoping that the frost will not come too early so that the late bloomers will have a chance to fruit. Then almost in the same breath we start talking about christmas gift ideas for the girls. We looked at each other with the "what the...." look and laughed. Well, maybe shuddered rather than laugh.

Scary how time is just flying away from us. The Clone is in fourth grade this year, and she didn't even want me to walk her to her classroom this morning. She said that would be just too embarrassing. Then she ran into her friend at the doorway, and off they went together. So we're left to sit and ponder inane stuff like what to do for the holidays. So sad.

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