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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Help for Start Ups

If you own a small business, you will probably get to the point where you may want to consider incorporating or setting up a limited liability company (LLC). This step may be as daunting as starting your business in the first place.

Having just come from Nevada, it was serendipitous to have come across this site, based in Las Vegas, that offers to help you file the papers necessary to incorporate or set up a LLC. They do not claim to be lawyers, just knowledgeable people who can walk you through the process without charging lawyer's fees.

Since their office is in Las Vegas, their most popular state is Nevada. However, their services are not limited to this state they can set up Florida corporations, Texas Corporations, and Arizona corporations among many.

Another service this company offers is to provide you with an office for your business. For as little as $45 a month, you can have a space to meet clients and have phone and internet access. End the days of meeting clients at diners, have an office or conference room where you can put on a professional face. Whether you have an existing business or thinking of starting up a new one, this site is a great resource.

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