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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nevada Vacation

Our family vacation in Las Vegas started with the four hour drive from Los Angeles. With five kids in the car, two of them under five years old and in car seats, we were lucky to only make three stops along the way. One of our more interesting stops was at Baker California.

One of the jewels of the desert, the Mad Greek Restaurant is a popular stopping place to cool off and get some great Greek food.

The Country Store, across the street from the Mad Greek is a great place to stop for snacks, drinks or souvenirs. Many also buy lotto tickets here, believed to be one of the luckiest lotto vendors having produced severa big money winners.

It was so hot when we stopped here in the middle of the afternoon that you couldn't stand in the sun for more than a few seconds. Your skin starts to feel like it is scorching in the 112 degree F temperature as evidenced here, the largest thermometer in the world.

As soon as we checked in, the girls undressed and jumped in the pool where they stayed until dark. By that time, they were so tired they didn't want to go out to eat so pizza for them it is on their first night in Vegas. I don't think they minded too much though.

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Have a great time.