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Thursday, August 09, 2007


Wow, today is turning out to be the typical dog-days-of-summer kind of day. It's already a hundred degrees with possibility of reaching 103 before the end of the day, with a heat index of 114. Or so says the weather man. Heat index, if you're wondering, is the what "it feels like" temperature. It's been that way since yesterday, and it will be the weekend before relief is in sight. Well, that is if you consider the 90s a relief.

So what does one do in times like these? Stay inside with the air conditioning on and drink lots of liquids. Preferably the non-alcoholic variety, but an icy glass of margarita sure would be refreshing just about now.

I should start packing for my trip. I'm leaving tomorrow and the suitcase is still sitting in the other room empty. As much as I love to travel, I sure hate packing. I have a recurring dream where I've either forgotten to pack shoes or pack anything at all. The last of these dreams, a few weeks ago, I dreamt that I had forgotten I was supposed to catch a flight which is in an hour, and of course hadn't packed a thing! So in my dream, I was throwing stuff in the suitcase and mentally mapping the quickest route to the airport. I hope that wasn't a premonition of my flight tomorrow. lol!

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Mari said...

Aah, hot summer days. Cool of with halo-halo topped with ice-cream and flan. Hmmm...good...forget dieting. LOL Have a safe trip.