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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Scared Witless

The first time I saw Halloween the movie was in the late 70's, early 80's and I believe that was the time that Jamie Lee Curtis was doing all those horror movies. This was all during the time when Jason and Freddie Kruger were at their height. I was a teenager, and thought it was loads of fun to be scared witless. Yeah, I could have used another word there, but this is after all a family blog. I still remember not being able to shake the terror from this movie especially since the following week I was scheduled to donate blood for the first time. You remember that scene in the movie where the person's blood drains all over the floor? Yeah, I still remember, and I still remember the name Michael Myers. How about you?

Halloween the movie is being resurected almost thirty years later (omg, has it really been that long?!!). This version is written and directed by Rob Zombie. What a great name to write and direct a horror film, eh? I wonder if that's his real name or a made up one? You think there will be zombies in this one? No, no zombies. This time around, they turn back time to uncover what made Michael Myers the pathologically disturbed psycho that he is. Could it be that he was abused as a child or is he a product of a perfect household? Was there a traumatic event in his childhood that somehow twisted his mind? What can possibly make a monster like Michael Myers? Look at this trailer and see if you can guess what spin Rob Zombie will bring to this version of Halloween the movie.

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