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Friday, August 03, 2007

Look like a star

Maybe you have aspirations of being a celebrity or one of the rich and famous. And if you can't be that maybe at least dress like a rich and famous celebrity. Peter Belisi, designer to the rich and famous, can help you achieve your diva dreams with accessories like Belisi Fashions Handbags Shoes & Jewelry. Look through their inventory of classy scarves, handbags, and other accessories and either feel so out of fashion like me or feel darn good you had been on the right track all along and now you've found a new source to feed your addiction. Seriously though, when you look at their inventory you can see the quality of the materials and workmanship in each piece. They have scarves, for instance, that rival the outrageously priced Hermes scarves. Now didn't your Aunt Martha always say that it's better to have one excellent quality item than a hundred of cheap ones? The great thing with the Belisi line is that they are actually reasonably priced for the quality of the products! You can afford to look like a diva without being rich or famous.

And when you have achieved your goal of looking like a superstar, you of course cannot be seen with slob. That is where Sharp by Design comes in. It is a fashion blog for men and/or the women who want their men well dressed. Look through their website and you'll start finding a treasure trove of information, fashion tips and of course shopping sites.

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