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Friday, August 03, 2007

The Face Behind the Blogs

Mom and the CloneI was tagged by Stel to show the face behind this blog. I decided instead to show ALL the faces behind all these blogs. I was tempted to do as she did and try to comb my photo collection for a timeline. Then after I realized how much work that would take, I said, nah! And looked into my downloaded photos folder instead for the first thing I can get my hands on.

This is me, JMom, along with the Clone who, I just noticed, seems to be attached to me in every photo I've taken lately. I discovered blogging a couple of years ago and I have been hooked ever since. My husband will wholeheartedly agree, we have indeed become the two headed monster. I blog here about daily stuff and lately sponsored posts to make some extra money, I blog about food, about our back yard, and just about everything else you can think of. Just check the long list of blogs on our sidebar.

I started blogging because my daughter Jade wanted to. So to start, we established this blog together as a place for both of us to learn. We have both learned a lot since then, and she has gone to bigger and better things all on her own.

Although I'm enjoying some US time with the hubby, I'm missing my girls who are with their aunt for summer vacation. She came and picked them up last month, this was them on the way to the airport.
Sherry and the Girls
Well, I'll see them soon enough. I'll be going to pick them up next week.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Couldn't you find a better picture without my rolly pollies showing all over!?#@

MrsPartyGirl said...

hahaha, the above comment is supposedly anonymous but based on the violent reaction, we can all almost guess whom it was from :)

basta ako, i am happy to finally match your pretty faces with the blog :) i've been reading your blog for a while so it puts a smile to my face seeing you smile back at me. :)

Joan said...

Beautiful girls. When I'm away from my kids I keep finding things to make me wish they were around. Enjoy the down time - school is almost here. Think it was a year ago we were talking about the cost of calculators wasn't it?

drstel said...

mommyJ....thank you naman for cooperating! you picked such sweet pictures of you and your daughters, ehem i think you are missing them too much ha?!!!!
see, i think what you "read" is what you get... a happy and warm and loving woman is the face behind this blog.
you're going to pick them up? make sure you have some eating/shopping/lakwatcha-lakwatcha for yourself too.....
(halika ganti na tayo kay tita thessya!!! ;D )

gilbert yap tan said...

JMom, what can i say, but WOW! :)

cheh said...

I've been tagged by this one as well.Shucks! naunahan ako ni tita stel hehehe

Gorgeous kids you have mami J! saan pa ba magmamana di ba?:)

Francesca said...

aha, ikaw pala yan, jmom.

Aba eh, looks happy and content ka dyan ah.

Match sa blog mo ang photo mo,all wit and talents within.

Ituloy blogging. All moms unite, hehe

exskindiver said...

i too am happy to match pretty faces with the blog.
although having combed your archives and your sister's blog I already knew what you looked like.
Beautiful nga.

vernaloo said...

hey Jmom! all look wonderful and happy =)

Anonymous said...

You got a nice famil there :)