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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bureau PC

What, you don't know what a bureau pc is? Don't feel bad. I didn't either. But that's because I'm not French. If you were in France you would have known that's a desktop PC. A Dell computer in this case. I have always been a fan of Dell computers. That's what I use at work and I just love it. It's reliable and has all the bells and whistles I could possibly want, and all for a reasonable price compared to other models. Now I can't wax about the technical details other than it works, but I can tell you about their technical support. You can now virtually put your own order together online without having to go from store to store. While you're online, you also have access to additional product information and support. If that is still isn't enough, you can be sure that when you call the 800 number you will get a true, live person who can answer your questions. And to me, who is not all too intuitive about computers, that is very important. I do need someone to tell me to plug in the power source before pushing the ON button for the thing to work.

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