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Monday, September 24, 2007

I bequeath to Gmail password

Till death do us part, we always say, but sometimes death is not necessarily the end. We leave traces of ourselves behind. At least we hope we do. We hope at least to leave something behind so that someday someone will say, “Ah, yes, I remember. JMom did that”. It’s human nature, this desire to be remembered. This desire to live on longer than our carbon shells, to think that the short time we spent walking this earth somehow made a difference, no matter how small.

Do you think our blogs will still be here for everyone to look back on long after we’re gone? Well, maybe. At least until your paid time with your host server runs out. Darn, maybe I should have left my blogs on Blogger? At least if I get run over by a bus tomorrow, my blogs will still be in cyberspace long after I’m gone. Or at least until Blogger goes under too.

Such are the bizarre thoughts that come to every blogger’s mind, you think? It could be just me being morbid again.
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