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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The girls' got bling

My girls always come home from their summer vacations at their grandma's house with full luggages plus more. For some reason, my mom has been giving them 'real' jewelry out of her collection too. I joked she's giving my inheritance away! lol! Even the Clone had so much bling, I had to do a double take. And she is so funny because she would take anything you give her, and you would think you just gave her the hope diamond or something. Even if it looks too old or too big for her, she would wear it proudly anyway, and would tell anyone who asks, it's from her grandma's treasure chest. hehe!

I for one have never been too much into jewelry. The only 'real' jewelry I wear is my engagement/wedding ring set that is in dire need of some good polishing. I don't know why I've never been much into jewelry when the rest of my family clearly are. Most of the jewelry I own are gifts. I've never bought one for myself. I think I've always rather eat with my money than buy some blings.

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