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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lasting Memories

We went to my husband's aunt's funeral last Sunday. As usual with these events, it turned into a mini family reunion. With our busy lives, it seems that the only time we get to see old family and friends is during wedding and funerals.

It wasn't such a sad occasion as it could have been. It was more of a celebration of her life, as it should be. She has lived with cancer for the last six years, she was in her seventies, raised and educated her children, served her saviour, nurtured her grand children and others, and it was just her time to rest. If only we could all say that when our time comes.

From the many tributes and acknowledgements, it sounds like she she really had a full life. She encouraged her children to venture out of their comfort zone and so did she whenever she got a chance. One of their family rituals is to vacation at the NC Outer Banks every summer. She was a firm believer in making lasting memories and she succeeded in doing just that. Her childred are now grown, educated, with varied careers and have their own families; and they take with them the legacy of memories she created for them.

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