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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Home brews an online business

When we bought our new domain, we also bought a studio domain for my husband. It's still under construction as we figure out various components that will go into it like a gallery and an online store. The gallery part won't be so hard, we'll just have to fill it with hubby's artwork. The online store, however, will be another problem. My husband has been looking into several ecommerce software but hadn't really decided on which one to use yet.

He knows he will need to be able to take all major credit cards and maybe even paypal. One thing he definitely needs is a shopping cart. If you've shopped online, you know what I mean by a shopping cart. offers a shopping cart software that you can try out for free for ten days. I think this may be a good idea to 'test drive' the software first to see how user friendly it is and how efficient it is. The great thing with this particular one is that paypal is already integrated in the software along with the major banks and credit cards. Some of the other shopping cart software he had looked at did not have paypal integrated and you would have had to use the paypal interface to use their service. We liked this one because of that feature.

Price wise, their prices are comparable with other shopping cart softwares. They provide service for the U.S., U.K., and Australia. Just enter which region you are on and they will work up the appropriate pricing for your area.

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