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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Show Off

People have always been visual creatures. So is it any wonder that web cams, cell cams and digital cameras have gotten so popular? Everyone and their grandma has one! Personally, I love them. I had always hated having to wait for film to develop. I actually still have undeveloped film, that I know are at least a couple of years old, sitting in the refrigerator. Yeah, the refrigerator, I said. I heard that film degrades less when kept in a cool environment before you can process them. The problem with having them sit behind the loaf bread is that I kept forgetting to take them developed!

Now with digital photography, I get instant gratification. I can see my photos right away and delete the ones that did not take well rather than paying to process photos that I'm throwing away anyway. Now you can also display your photos in a digital photo frame rather than in photo albums that get tucked under the coffee table. Instead of taking up wall space to hang photos, and if you have kids like me you know that wall of fame can get filled up pretty fast, now with these digital picture frames you can cycle various photographs and only occupy the space on one frame! I love it!

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