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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Snuggle time

The weather is starting to turn cooler already. The leaves have started turning colors and falling, the shadows are getting longer and you can practically feel it, smell it in the air that autumn is coming. It's time again to pull out our winter wear. It's also time to pull the duvet covers back onto the beds, and put away the light summer spreads. We don't use duvet covers to cover duvets though. We have several antique quilts that we use on occasion and we found that with three kids, duvet covers work really well in protecting and preserving our treasured quilts.

If you are in the UK, the place to go to spruce up your beddings is Terry's Fabrics. They have a beautiful collection of duvets and bedspreads to choose from. They don't only carry beddings and linens though, they also carry other items for decorating your home. They also carry curtains, blinds, lighting accessories and rugs. In addition they stylish have accessories to finish off your design like hooks and holdbacks for your curtains and draperies and if tiebacks and tassles are more your thing, they have those too.

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