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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Travel Guide by Travelers

People always tell you to do your research whenever you travel. That is very sound advice and we usually follow it up by going to the library or bookstore for some travel books with pretty pictures. Now that we have the internet, every country has at least one website touting the virtues of each destination. But all these books and websites are designed to make you want to go there. They aren't going to tell you whether the ocean is really as blue, the beaches really as white or the mountains really as great as they make it look on the books.

If you want a real travel guide, you should talk to people who have been there. If you want to see how your photos are going to come out, then look at the photos taken by real travelers with cheap cameras just like yours to see if the destination you had in mind really does sparkle. Real travelers can give you up to date and accurate information because most of the time they had just been there. They can share little secrets to be found off the beaten paths if that is what interests you or they can give you tips whether that luxury resort is really as luxurious as the brochures say. These are travel tips and advice from fellow travelers who probably look for the same things that you do.

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