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Friday, September 07, 2007

Sushi Friday

California RollsIf you'd like to try your hand at rolling your own sushi, the California Roll is one of the easiest to make and also pleasing to most palates. For one, it doesn't have any raw fish for those who are still squemish about eating raw fish. My girls don't have that problem though, they love sashimi! I just haven't found any sashimi grade fish around our area. So California rolls and Shrimp sushi it is.

Learn how to make California Rolls.


cheh said...

This is funny! I was also graving for Sushi yesterday,just bought ready to munch from Supermarket.Not nearly as good as homemade.Tamad kasi hayan;)

How's going? Mami J?

Have a fine weekend!

mama bok said...

I love sushi..1!

JMom said...

hi cHeh, I'm always craving for sushi!! hehe! musta ka na?

hi mamaBok! me too, and my daughters are catching my obsession fast :)

Heather said...

Oh yum!! I may have to try this sometime. I love sushi, but it will be torture for my boys!