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Monday, September 10, 2007

Learned Something New

Happy Monday!! Yesterday, i was helping hubby with his paperwork. I was designing a new brochure for his art work using Microsoft Publisher. It looked great if I do say so myself. I printed out one copy and except for a few minor changes, it looked really good. So I go back to the application only to make some minor edits and wouldn't you know it, it got caught in some weird glitch and my whole afternoon's work (about five hours worth) was gone!! Looked as I might, I just couldn't find it. I even 'searched' the whole hard drive. Gone. Just the whole file just vanished into think air.

I wanted to scream!! I wanted to close the blinds and sit in the dark and wail. But, that wouldn't have been so mommy like, so instead, I picked up my book and took it outside in the garden and settled down under the tree. I stayed there until it was time to get ready for dinner. We ate, then I finally went and faced the monster of a PC again. Guess what, I found the file!!

Just in case you are ever working with Publisher and it suddenly tells you it can't save your file because you don't have enough memory and then proceeds to obliviate your file, look in your C: drive and look for a file similarly named pub4S.tmp. If you open that with Publisher, you may just recover your lost file! Amazing what comes to mind when you just pull away from a frustrating situation, huh?


Mari said...

Oh, gosh, I had those days. And, yes, I feel like screaming myself, after losing a file I have worked on for hours.

Thank God, you finally found it. One thing good about the latest Windows.

MrsPartyGirl said...

that's true! a good breather helps talaga! ewan ko ba, parang the more you panic, the more something seems hopeless, hehe.

buti na lang you found the file. and probably finished a book, too. :D

sha said...

i hate losing files when u worked on it for so hours...
i do the boats accounts every sec i was pressing save!!!