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Friday, October 26, 2007

Mint Credit Cards

UK residents have another credit card option with Mint credit cards. The first thing I usually look for in credit cards is the interest rate. The Mint offers a 14.9% interest which is not bad. It is about average among the many credit cards offered today. Another advantage is that there is no annual fee, which I think is ridiculous anyway and is an immediate disqualifier for me when choosing credit cards. I also like that free online account management is available. I do most of my banking online now. I just like the convenience of having access to my account information when I need it. If you shop online frequently, the Mint also offers online fraud protection.

The Mint, like most credit cards, is accepted worldwide, wherever MasterCard or Visa is accepted. With up to 7,500 euros credit limit that is offered, you can pretty much have a good time anywhere you go.

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