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Monday, October 15, 2007

My sis in Venice

My sis took this great photo while she was vacationing in Venice over the summer. Brat! It's been ages since I was in Venice. I love that place! If you can get past the crowd of tourists, it is one of the most romantic places to visit. Just being there, seeing the old, majestic buildings, the sights, the smell, the sounds..... it makes you feel like you're in a movie :) It is surreal. I made it my destiny to visit Venice ever since I learned of its wonders from a humanities course in college, and I did that, but I haven't taken it off the list yet because I want to go back there again one day. My sis took some really cool photos of Venice, not to mention one of her grinning ear to ear. Brat, like I said :-P

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