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Monday, October 15, 2007

Venice Apartments

My bratty sis (see post below) went to my favorite Italian city and stayed first class. Not all of us can stay in the hotel she stayed at, but there are plenty of alternative accommodations when visiting this city. Sure, you can take a day trip to Venice and peek at the San Marco square and cathedral, maybe get a few minutes ride on the gondola, but there is nothing like staying on after all the day tourists have left and seeing Venice at twilight (see sister's photo below). When the sun sets, it is then that you really get to feel the pulse of this city, and you will only get to feel this if you stay on. Venice apartments can be a great solution if you want to spend a few days exploring this city of wonder. A day trip will only get you a peek. Spend a day or two exploring its narrow streets and crossing it's many bridges and you will keep with you memories that you can go back to over and over again. You will then know what the bridge of sighs is all about. Next time I go back, this is what I'm doing. Find a place to stay for a few days and pretend that I live there. LOL!

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