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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Beware of women scorned

A Cheap Jaguar is on sale at the BuyYour Car website in the UK. Even with the splash of paint, don't you want to buy this car? It's only listed for 10,000 British Pounds. A great deal considering it's a Jaguar.

Funny thing about this listing, you've got to read the description, it's being sold by the wife of, in her words, 'A Cheating Rat of a Husband'. Hehe! of course a car like this has got to be a chick magnet, and the rat took full advantage of it. But the rat wasn't so smart because he put the darn car's title in the cat's name. So now the cat that was away is getting even farther away and is also leaving a big scratch on the rat's back, selling his chick mobile for a fraction of the full value!

No matter what your story is, you can list your used cars on this site for a mere £4.95 until it is sold. Not per day or per month, until it is sold! Ads are not limited to used cars though, can also be listed for a bargain. Their new car listings are from affiliated dealers and brokers who specialize in selling discount cars in the U.K.

BuyYourCar is your one stop for car shoppers in the UK for they not only provide listings for new and discounted cars, they also provide a resource for car loans.

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