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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Get Paid To Blog

Many of us got into blogging for personal reasons. Not many of us originally set out just to make money from writing bits and pieces about ourselves online. It just so happened that lately, non-professional bloggers like myself have been given a chance to make a little money while we do our usual blogging and bloghopping on the web. That's not a sin, is it? I for one have been enjoying the benefits of making a little extra cash from doing my usual ramblings on the blog. What could be sweeter?

Well, apparently, some people on the world wide web don't think we have the right to do what we want on our blogs and would dictate what we can and cannot make money on. At first, like many other bloggers, I was angry. But now, I just don't give a rats behind anymore. I am not removing any tags or links on my blogs just because someone said so. AND YES, I GET PAID FOR REVIEWS AND YES I DO SELL LINKS ON THIS BLOG! If you want to buy some, just let me know ;)

Blech!! I never cared about ranks and stats before anyway, so there!

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