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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's three a.m. on Thanksgiving day and I'm up blogging because I can't go back to sleep and it's too early for me to start cooking.

Husband found just the right size turkey for our family of five, he found a 8 pound fresh turkey, so I don't even have to defrost it! I know, it's cute, I almost panicked when I saw the little turkey. It doesn't seem big enough, especially when you're used to cooking twenty pounders. But it's just the five of us again this year, so I think this will be perfect. I can cook a pork roast by the weekend. hehe!

Visit our food blog for recipes. I'll be posting new ones that I try out this year. If you are still looking for recipes to make, just put thanksgiving in the search box and you'll find recipes we've cooked up in the past.


mama bok said...

Happy Thanksgiving.. JMom.. :)

JMom said...

hi MamaBok! Happy Thanksgiving :)