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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sensitive Teeth?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI have always had sensitive gums. It started out as gingivitis where my gums bled everytime I brushed. Recently, my dentist informed me that the reason why my teeth and gum have been more sensitive than ever is because I have now graduated to periodontitis. That means my gums are receding back from my teeth thus exposing the roots of my teeth making them more sensitive to heat and cold. When the weather turns cold like it is now, it seems the sensitivity gets even worse.

So right about this time, I start using the sensitive teeth toothpaste a bit more regularly. A couple of weeks ago I received samples of Biotene Sensitive Toothpaste and I have been using it almost daily since. I have to say, it does relieve the sensitivity and pain on my teeth and gums. I have been going on my merry way eating and drinking what I want without the discomfort of wincing every time something hot or cold touches my teeth.

This Biotene sensitive toothpaste makes your teeth squeaky clean. I love that smooth feel it leaves on your teeth right after brushing. After brushing with it for over a week, I have noticed that the bleeding on my gums while brushing has virtually stopped. They still bleed when I floss and get down into the gums, but that's a lot better than before when they bleed just from brushing. Biotene is supposed to be formulated so that the bacteria in your mouth is reduced thus reducing not only the effects of bacteria that cause gum sensitivity, it also reduces the ones that cause bad breath.

If you noticed, I said I brushed with this toothpaste 'almost' everyday, that's because I brush with my regular, minty tasting toothpaste after every other time I brush with the Biotene. It has a pleasant enough flavor, but it's bubble gum flavored! I do not like gum, and don't like this flavor at all. I wish they had a mint flavored option also. But, they're new, so maybe that will come later. For now though, if the bleeding and sensitivity is stopped, I'm not going to complain about a little bubble gum flavoring.

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