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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Join the EarthFrisk Social Hub

I had been blogging for a while before I even heard or social bookmarking or Social Media. Then my girls started getting into various bookmarking and media sites and I ended up following them there just so I can keep track of what they are doing. Now, strangely enough, I stay there because I want to and I actually enjoy it!

There is a new site called that combines everything that is great about social bookmarking and social media and wrapped it all up into one attractive package. You can still network with your friends and share really cool finds that you come across on the internet.

Right now they have a contest running. Click on the $Contest$ tab and find out how you can earn money doing something that you already enjoy doing. The first prize is $2,000 cash and six months of Virtual Office Services. You can win this by having the most friends. Easy, right? All you gotta do is pull all your friends from your other social sites, and you can be up and running! I read that so far, largest number of friends on the network is not even a hundred. I know people in other sites that beat that number down easy. What an easy way to make two grand, right?

But that's not the only prize, visit the site and you'll see other ways of winning some cold hard cash, just in time for Christmas shopping. They have categories for the the person who makes the most comments, who has the most 'frisks' or submissions, or who has the most visually stunning homepage.

The best part, while browsing through the site I already found some pretty interesting people on the network who are discussing some even more intriguing subjects.

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