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Thursday, November 08, 2007

On the road again

My sister is leaving for Dubai today, after having just come back from her Italian vacation a couple of months ago. Lucky brat. Oh she is also stopping in London on her way back and will get to see a bunch of relatives and friends we hadn't seen in years. Like I said, Lucky Brat!

Anyway, she just emailed this morning and said that she hadn't even finished packing. That's because she ended up packing extra gifts for all these people she is going to meet up with. LOL! That part I don't envy. She said one of our uncles will be picking her up at her hotel when she gets to London then they are going to a party where our uncle had already invited half if not all the Filipinos in London.

Before she left, while she was arranging for this trip, I gave sis this new website where you can find a comprehensive list of hotels in your destination, wherever that may be. Check it out, if you've got travel plans ahead of you. Brat! :)

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