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Monday, November 19, 2007

Page Ranks Lost

Google just updated page ranks recently as I have briefly mentioned before. But instead of the rise that we expected, many of us who have decided to monetize our blogs have been penalized by having our page ranks stripped. Yes, not merely reduced, but totally stripped! As in in the case of this blog, we went from a page rank of 4/10 to O.

I was at once shocked and angry to now just feeling numb and helpless. I think it is totally unfair and unfairly self-serving for Google to do this. And I was such a Google fan before. I don't understand all the technical details behind this page rank fiasco, you can read about it on other more informed websites, but I am just so totally bummed about it all.

Were you affected by the page rank demotion?


mama bok said...

Yer not alone JMom..! all my blogs are 0 too..!

JMom said...

it really sucks, mamaBok! I'm glad PPP now has real page rank. Maybe that will help us some.