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Monday, November 19, 2007

Can't keep a good woman down

Age is not keeping this woman down; she's my granma and she is eighty five years old. I hope I can be as healthy and as spry as she is when I get that old, if I get that old. As healthy as she is though, she still has the aches and pains that comes naturally with aging.

My grandmother lived most of her life in a farming community. She is used to hard work. Unfortunately, life in a farm is not kind on the body. She said that she always had one type of muscle ache or another from laboring in the farms. She hiked at least a few miles daily while carrying a load. She performed all the household chores which, during her time, were back breaking chores like washing laundry by hand, manually pounding rice, chopping wood for the stove, and in between the household chores she also helped in the farm. It's no wonder her muscles ached at the end of the day. They used a number of remedies to relieve the aches and pains; they had herbal poultices, herbal teas, and even gasoline rubbed onto their muscles!

Now, she lives a more comfortable life but traces of her old life inevitably follows her. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis that is sometimes so bad it is debilitating. She doesn't use her old remedies anymore, she uses the over the counter remedies now. She would benefit from a product like Freeze It Gel. It is a pain relieving gel that is more similar to the herbal remedies she is used to. Freeze It Gel contains aloe, vitamin E, menthol, camphor and ILEX, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub and is believed to enhance the effects of the pain relieving ingredients.

My grandmother loves children; her grand daughters, especially. Sometimes though, the pain in her joints get so bad that she really can't enjoy being around them. On bad days, she has difficulty just getting out of bed. She usually appreciates it, during these times, for someone to rub down her limbs. The heat/cold from the ointments along with the masage gives her immense and immediate relief. Freeze It would be a good product for her. It is safe to use everyday, as much as four times a day. Freeze It provides relief for a variety of problems like sore muscles, joint pains and back and shoulder pains. Freeze It stops the pain and keeps you moving.

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