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Thursday, November 08, 2007

What I want for Christmas...

I bought my first stand up mixer when I was single and first moved to my own place. I was just learning to cook then and that little mixer was the perfect tool for a kitchen. It was called the kitchen center. It did just about everything, and I still have it today. Almost eighteen years later my poor mixer is finally reaching it's end. It's like loosing an old family member. I almost hate to start looking for a replacement, but it's one of those inevitable things in life, you just gotta do it.

When I start looking at any Eclectrics® Mixer though, I start getting that first date flutter in the pit of my stomach. It could also be that everytime I start looking at kitchen gadgets I start thinking of food and start getting hungry. Who knows, but I do get excited over kitchen gadgets.

The Hamilton Beach® Mixer gets my hearbeat a skipping. This mixer has way more power than the one I have now and it comes in so many attractive colors. I am leaning towards the avocado colored one that they call apple colored. I like that retro color. I may even change the whole kitchens color motif to match this mixer.

I'm still not much of a baker, but I do like to bake every once in a while. One of our favorite cakes to make, and this is where Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer can come in very handy, is my mother-in-law's Coconut Cake. The recipe is in our food blog. This is a holiday tradition in our house. My husband just has to have his mother's coconut cake.

To make the coconut cake, a stand up mixer is almost mandatory. Not only because the batter needs a good mixing in order to be fluffy and moist (it's three layers); its crowning glory is a meringue based frosting which requires whipping egg whites into stiff peaks, a daunting task for most cooks, but could be accomplished quite easy with a stand up mixer.

This mixer is definitely in my Christmas wishlist this year. Hopefully, Santa will think I am deserving of this gift :)

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