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Monday, December 31, 2007

Post Christmas

So, Christmas is over. Did you get all your shopping done? Did you get what you wanted for Christmas or were you in line on the days following to exchange your gifts? We were out the day after Christmas, but not to exchange gifts. We were out for the sales and to spend gift cards.

I like gift cards especially for men who you don't really know what to get for. It used to be that you can get away with generic stuff like socks, ties, cufflinks or handkerchiefs. But that gets old after a while. You can only give those items so many times in a row until it becomes like the ubiquitous fruit cake. So gift cards it is.

But that can get so impersonal too. I personally like giving away and receiving books as presents. It shows that you've at least thought about the person and tried to match them up with something they may be interested in. Food items are a good, safe gift too. Those are always sure to please and gets demolished in no time.

Actually, this is why I like Thanksgiving. No stress over gift giving, just lots of good food and good company.

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Francesca said...

appear ako sa thanksgiving, kesa gift giving, haha...