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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Live Free, Live Green

The number of people who are trying to live greener lives by reducing their impact on the environment is slowly increasing. This year, I've seen several welcomed changes in the way some main stream businesses are conducting business in a greener manner rather than the usual. I've talked to family and friends who have taken steps to reduce the footprints at home and at work. It's is certainly great news to see that some people are finally paying attention. is a website where you can find eco products that will help you implement a cleaner and greener lifestyle. The site not only offers hundreds of eco friendly products, they also support environmental charities like Oceana and Healthy Child Healthy World. They are certainly a company that lives their mission which is "to support the needs of an eco-conscious community by offering an online eco friendly products shop that offers quality and style, environmental information and news, and ways to support environmental charities. We hope to educate and inspire everyone to minimize our impact on the planet."

The Green and More online store offers a variety of energy saving appliances, water conservation products, power saving products for your indoor and outdoor needs and products that are produced using environmentally friendly methods and materials; They have items such as furniture, home decorating items, accessories and beddings. More importantly, they don't just peddle products, they also provide you with valuable information for why and how you can change to a greener lifestyle. They have a learning center which is full of information culled from sources like the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy. They also have a green blog called Green Musings where their own community and staff share their own groing green stories and photographs.

Personally, I was particularly interested in their water conservation section. We are in a severe drought situation here in N.C. and our city in particular is reaching a critical point where our safe water supply is reaching dangerously low levels. We are now on mandatory alert and everyone is trying to take some measures to reduce their water consumption. The Green and More site provides information on the type of products you can change in your home in order to conserve energy and water. Eveyone who is conserving or just looking to live more responsibly on this planet should check out this website.

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