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Sunday, January 20, 2008


We finally got some snow today! There is about an inch of snow on the grass and it so quiet and crisp outside. The girls love it! Sadly, it isn't enough to go out and play in. The weather people say it is a southern storm. That's because it didn't come from the north as it usually does, it came up from Louisiana and worked its way up through the southen states, coming through Tenessee before getting to us. Now the big problem is ice as it is supposed to hit the teens or low twenties overnight.

Sister-in-law was a little concerned because they were taking a long drive to Branson Missouri for the long weekend and was worried that they may have problems on the road. Lucky for them, I don't think the weather impacted the roads that much. The only concern is some icing, but they only travel during daytime anyway, so I think they will be ok.


Francesca said...

Hey, jmom, have a nice snowy weekend!

pwede na gawa halo halo!

Jet said...

Should I say you are so lucky as snow comes to you... whereas we have to go out of town to where it is? Tagal na akong niyayaya ni Papa sa Big Bear... hehe kasi hanggang ngayon di pa ko nakakakita ng snow. :D