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Friday, February 29, 2008


Happy Leap Year Friday! I left work early today, thinking I'd get a few more things done. I even picked up the clone early from school today so we can get to the high school on time, pick up her sisters, go to the DMV and be home before 5. Sounds like a plan eh?

Of course it doesn't go as planned. After I picked up the Clone, we decided to stop by the house to get something quick to eat. Well, we were really hungry so we decided to cook some spaghetti (we already had sauce made). Then we decided we needed some garlic bread to go with it. A fresh loaf of french bread was calling to be toasted with some garlicky butter and we just couldn't resist. Yummm! It was good! but by the time we had sated ourselves, it was 2:30. High school let out at 2:20. So needless to say, the big girls were not happy they waited 20 minutes longer.

We stopped at the Dog House to get some hotdogs for their dad, but of course now the big girls say they're hungry and want to get something to eat too. So rather just dropping off the food to their dad, they all went in the house again to eat before going to DMV. We finally we're getting out of the house again at 3:50, on our way to DMV. We got about a mile away when Asi realized she forgot the form she is supposed to take with her! So we drove back home, she hops out and gets her form, jumps back in and we're off again.

Our DMV is located at a weird area, and of course I get turned around and had to make a couple of u-turns before we finally made it to their parking lot. Of course by this time, the 'low gas' light has come on. Uggh! But, we made it before their 4:30 cut off time for tests. Asi goes and take her test for a learner's permit...
unfortunately, she didn't pass her test. I think we were all kind of on edge by the time we walked into the office anyway. :(

Oh well..... so we're going back next week for a re-test.

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