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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Movie Weekend

We had another quiet weekend. Instead of going to the movies as we had planned, we ended up staying home and watched DVDs all weekend. Here's a list of movies we watched:

American Gangster - starring Denzel Washington, this movie is about Frank Lucas, a NY drug dealer with ties to NC, who managed to create an empire selling drugs and the detective that ultimately captures him but ends up being a friend.

Stardust- a movie adapted from the Neil Gaiman novel about two worlds divided by a wall, a falling star, witches, and dueling princes. It was a great book that translated quite well into a movie. It was quite entertaining.

Guys & Dolls - with Marlon Brando & Frank Sinatra. Jade is in the musical so we watched this for background information, but we still enjoyed it.

Across the Universe - directed by the very talented Julie Taymor, is an artistically rendered movie with great music. Not your typical musical. We even watched all the bonus features, it was so interesting.

Becoming Jane - about Jane Austen. We didn’t get around to watching this yet. Maybe tonight.

Azumi - Asi’s choice, a Japanese movie about a girl assassin. Rife with violence, but if you like this genre, it’s pretty good. I watched it after they all went to sleep last night.

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